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Past Heroes

..We all have our heroes - probably a star of a sport - someone who was the ultimate in our minds, but someone who was also in the past unreachable.

This web site has been established to bring those Past Heroes nearer and within reach, and to give you an opportunity to obtain a personally signed memento - be it a photograph, a replica shirt or even a programme - not just one of many signed in bulk, but one signed just for YOU.

Football memorabilia  

We are building a "team" of Past Heroes, who will all be willing and able to sign something personally to an individual - it may be for you, it may be for your son or your daughter, your Mum or Dad, your brother or sister, your aunt or uncle, your grandparent, or a friend - whoever it is for, it will be a unique and personal gift that you will know has been signed specifically by request.

It can be signed for a particular birthday or event, an anniversary or an occasion - you specify the words to make the signature more personal.

Whilst we have no limits on age or era of our Past Heroes, we are focusing more on those who had their time in the limelight from any time in the past up to the 1970s or 80s, meaning that their heyday was probably many years ago.

They more than probably had to go to work once their time in the limelight came to an end - they may even now be retired.

These are not people who are making the millions of the current sports stars, but someone like you or me, who just happened to excel at a particular sport and was lucky enough to be able to play or compete in that sport, for probably an all too short while, to live their (and our!) dream.

They may have been an amateur, they may have been professional. They may have been extremely successful, or they may even have had a long career but never actually won much. Whatever they did, win or lose, they were your Past Hero.

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